Privacy Policy

About the Privacy Policy (“Cerego”) protects users’ personal information by implementing strict security measures and properly managing personal information.

About Personal Information

The term “personal information” as used in this Privacy Policy means information about a living individual that can identify an individual by name, date of birth, or other description contained in such information (including information that will allow easy reference to other information thereby enabling the identification of the individual).

About the Personal Information Collected

Cerego may receive personal information from users, including their address, name, telephone number, and e-mail address, through a registration form on the Cerego website, in order to contact users or to confirm their identity. Cerego may also ask members about matters such as their date of birth, age, occupation, income, the newspapers and magazines they subscribe to, the products they are interested in, the services they use, and their hobbies. It is not necessary to reply to all of these questions, but there are some services that members might not be able to use if they do not reply to such questions.

About the Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Cerego uses the personal information it receives from users only in the following ways:

  1. to provide support to members regarding Cerego’s products and services;
  2. to notify members about information on new products and services;
  3. to confirm registration for members-only services;
  4. to clarify the cause of and resolve any technical malfunctions;
  5. to conduct research and surveys for product development;
  6. to use for collecting and analyzing information to be used within Cerego;
  7. to use as a source of information for materials to be prepared for explaining Cerego’s services;
  8. to confirm the contents of information such as members’ diaries if actions have been taken that breach the Terms of Service, or that could possibly breach the Terms of Service; and
  9. to otherwise manage the website appropriately.

Supervision of Subcontractors

Cerego may delegate all or part of the handling of personal information to a third party within the scope required to achieve the purpose of use. In this case Cerego shall, in principle, clarify in the subcontract agreement the measures the trustee should take regarding safe management of personal information and shall conduct necessary and appropriate supervision of the trustee.

Restrictions on the Purpose of Use

Cerego shall handle personal information obtained within the scope of the purpose of use. If handling personal information outside the scope of the purpose of use, Cerego shall obtain the consent of the user before doing so, except in the following cases:

  1. the use is based on laws and ordinances;
  2. the use is required to protect a person’s life, body, or assets and Cerego judges that urgency is required; or
  3. Cerego is required to cooperate with the government, a local public body, or party that has undertaken delegation from the government or a local public body, regarding the performance of business provided by law or ordinance, and obtaining the consent of the person could hinder performance of the business.

About Provision of the Personal Information Collected

Cerego shall not provide to a third party the personal information it receives from a user without the consent of the user.

About the Management of Personal Information

  1. Cerego has taken all possible security measures to ensure that it protects users’ personal information and to ensure the use of the personal information in accordance with the users’ intent. Personal information is saved in a space that cannot be accessed by general users. Cerego has also exercised extreme care in preventing the loss, misuse, unauthorized use, release, alteration, or destruction of data.
  2. Cerego may, from time to time, copy and keep data to restore Cerego’s facilities.

Disclosure of the Personal Information

If a user requests Cerego to disclose its personal information, Cerego shall respond to that request without delay, except in the following cases:

  1. the disclosure could damage the life, body, or assets of a user or a third party, or prejudice other rights or interests of a user or a third party;
  2. the disclosure could significantly interfere with proper performance of Cerego’s business; or
  3. the disclosure breaches any law or ordinance.

Amendment to the Personal Information

If a user requests Cerego to amend, add to, or delete (“Amend” or “Amendment”) the contents of personal information for the reason that the personal information is incorrect, Cerego shall, without delay, conduct a necessary investigation within the scope required to achieve the purpose of use, unless special procedures are provided for in other laws or ordinances. On the basis of the results of the investigation, Cerego shall Amend the contents of the personal information and notify the user of that Amendment.


Cerego is not liable if a user uses the functions of the service provided by Cerego to provide or release personal information to a third party.

About Changes to the Privacy Policy

Cerego may change all or part of the Privacy Policy at any time.

About Cookies

Cerego’s websites includes some pages which use a technology called a cookie. Cookies are sometimes saved as data made up of alphanumeric characters sent within a user’s computer through the service being used. Cerego sometimes uses cookies in order to customize the website to suit individual customers’ needs and to refine the contents of the website or services for increased satisfaction.

Through the use of these cookies, users are able to use personal user services such as being saved the trouble of inputting information when they revisit the website, viewing their registered information at a glance, and being addressed by their personal name. However, these cookies do not identify users’ personal information.

Cerego may analyze and release information gathered through cookies for statistical purposes but this information does not include information whereby users can be identified.

Through configuring their browser the user can cause cookies to become invalid or warnings to be displayed when cookies are saved. However, if cookies are made invalid, it is possible that the user may not be able to use all or part of Cerego’s website or service.

About the Use of Cookies and Web Beacons by Advertising Companies

Cookies are sometimes used by third-party advertising companies or third-party advertising delivery systems on Cerego website. Users can refuse such use of cookies by configuring their web browser.

Cerego may use web beacons to investigate status of use and to measure effectiveness. Information included in the web beacons is not associated with information whereby individuals can be identified.

Inquiries Regarding the Handling of Personal Information

Cerego shall properly and promptly process complaints regarding use, provision, disclosure, or Amendment of personal information, or other complaints regarding the handling of personal information. Those complaints should be directed to: