At Cerego, our mission is simple: help our users learn faster, remember longer, and manage their memory online. Making that mission happen is a bit more complicated, and at the center of it all is our Learning Engine - the data collection and item scheduling algorithms that power every learning experience on the Cerego platform.

Today we’re excited to release a pretty major update to the Learning Engine after months of work by our learning science and engineering teams. Most of the changes are “under the hood”, but you’ll probably notice a few upgrades to the user experience:

  • Some sessions will be faster: as we increase the sensitivity of our tracking, we can help you learn some items without showing you as many quizzes
  • The way we show your progress will be more accurate: you might notice items on the Memory Bank moving further than they used to, and at times actually moving backwards after you complete a study session. A more accurate engine means we can show you even more precisely how much progress you’ve made (forward or backwards) each time you review.

Finally, these changes to our engine prepare the way for even bigger upgrades coming later this spring. Stay tuned, and happy learning!

- The Cerego Team