Today we’re excited and happy to open our new service,, to a private beta. Anyone who has requested an invite already will receive an invite today, and starting from today we will be letting in as many users as we can manage. If you don’t get an invite right away, please be patient, and you’ll hear from us soon!

Cerego is our new tool for learning anything–from geography and science to history and languages. We help you learn faster, remember longer, and manage your memory in the cloud. We see Cerego as a powerful companion to almost any kind of learning, from a classroom course to online resources.

Visualization is a fundamental component of how we help you manage your memory, and the centerpiece of this is the Memory Bank. Think of the Memory Bank as a personalized, real-time view of everything you’ve learned and how well you’ve learned it. The Memory Bank lets you know the last time you studied a course, the course’s memory strength and activation, and which courses you need to study now—courses marked with a red exclamation point are “urgent” and should be reviewed next.

The Memory Bank also works at the item level. An item is the basic learning block in Cerego. It can be a word, a date, an image, or a sound, and the associated information that you’re trying to learn. You can study items in a course (a collection of items) or a set (a collection of courses). After every study session, animation in the Memory Bank shows you exactly what you’ve learned, and how well you’ve learned it, on an item-by-item level. On item roll-over, you can see detailed progress metrics for that item.

You can make courses and items to study whatever you want, but we recommend you first try out an existing course to get a feel for how the learning experience works. In the Find tab, you’ll see a selection of Featured Courses made by us, staff, friends, and early alpha users. As the community starts to build its library of content, this area will morph into a directory highlighting the best of what we have.

Cerego is in early beta, so what you see today is just a hint of what is to come. But we can let you know that some of the areas we’re focusing on next include a bulk uploader (so you can upload content more efficiently), tools and content customized for language learning, and functionality for mobile devices. And in the Feedback section, please let us know what you’d like to see next!