Since the beginning, Cerego has provided millions of learners with an efficient, effective way to learn anything. Our commitment to improving how the world acquires knowledge and demonstrates knowledge and ability is core to our mission.

We continue to build and improve Cerego in the service of that goal.

This week, we began notifying some learners on Cerego of our decision to retire the public library, which contains user-generated-content that was previously made available to the Cerego community.

This change does not affect how your learn on Cerego. In fact, learning on Cerego keeps getting better. However, our commitment to providing a great learning experience means choosing what’s best for our partners and learners like you. We believe a best-in-class learning experience includes access to quality instructional material that is managed for quality control.

Cerego remains focused on helping administrators, content creators, instructors, and instructional designers deliver a best-in-class learning experience to students and employees with our core tools – Create, Learn, and Courses – and we are aligning our product development efforts to best serve our customers’ needs. Our emphasis on learner outcomes and users is our top priority and with this change we believe we will be able to provide a better learning experience with this change.

If you are one of the many who contributed to the public library, please read the FAQs below for more information.

Why are you retiring the public library?
We believe we can provide a better learning experience by partnering with organizations who have in-house instructional design capability or who want to work with us to build out new instructional and assessment materials for their employees or students.

How are you notifying learners of the change?
Cerego users who are not associated with a partner or do not have a Cerego Pro account are being notified by email and in-product notifications.

Will I still have access to the content I created?
Yes. You will continue to have access to your content and any content that is shared with you. You can modify or delete this content at any time.

Can I share my content?
Yes. Content is still sharable via social media and email / using the custom link. Users must have an existing Cerego account in order to view the content. Learn how to share content you created in just a few clicks.

Does this affect how I learn using Cerego?
No. In fact, learning on Cerego just got better. Learn more about the latest update to the learning engine.

How do I upgrade to a Pro acccount?
Contact us. We’d be happy to help you pick a plan that works with your unique needs.