The ASU + GSV Summit is an annual conference for the learning and talent innovation community. Each year, the sold-out event attracts entrepreneurs, masterminds, and leaders who are shaping the landscape of learning, technology and business. Cerego is proud to be participating in the conversation, once again.

Join Andrew Smith Lewis, Cerego Co Founder and CEO, on Tuesday, May 8th at 11:00AM-12:00PM for a panel discussion on The Promise of Big Data & Adaptive Learning.

Moderated by Dale Johnson, Adaptive Program Manager at Arizona State University, the panelists include:

  • Andrew Smith Lewis, Founder and CEO, Cerego LLC
  • Dr. Colin Fredericks, HarvardX
  • Eric Frank, CEO, Acrobatiq
  • James Willey, SVP Product Management, Ellucian
  • Jose Ferreira, Founder & CEO of Bakpax


As digital learning technologies grow, the volume of data collected by institutions is immense and growing. While universities have long lacked the infrastructure, technology, and staff to manage incoming data effectively, this is quickly changing. Today, the generation and analysis of data represents an enormous opportunity to enhance learner experiences, streamline teaching practices, drive student retention, and even fundamentally alter the university’s business model.

Topics to include:

  • What is the promise of big data? How close are we today to realizing that potential?
  • Lack of evidence of any return on huge investment thus far in adaptive technologies
  • Current consensus view on how big an opportunity adaptive learning is? What are major hurdles that must be overcome for us to realize that potential?
  • If AI and robotics are poised to transform jobs and professions in the next two decades, what does that mean in terms of what we should be teaching students?

Head to the Imperial Ballroom D, Grand America, early to reserve your seat!