When it comes to building training or educational content, we know that you may already have outstanding course materials that you want to share with your team. While we've built the industry's best creation tools, including our Smart Create software, we also recognize that sometimes it's more about simply uploading and distributing existing content rather than starting fresh.

That's why we've added our new Bulk Upload feature, which allows you to create and upload learning sets through a simple spreadsheet, reducing friction for content managers and getting you up and running faster than ever.

But that's not the only reason.

Cerego's tools are intuitive and easy to use, but there may be times when you have a contractor or expert third party responsible for creating your educational content. With Bulk Upload, there's no need to worry about adding them to your Cerego account or train them to use Cerego. Bulk Upload means they can create the expert content you need independently of the platform, but in a simple format that everyone is already familiar with, making the process of creating and adding new material to your Cerego account even easier.

Bulk Upload Video Tutorial

Also, because the new Bulk Upload feature is based on CSV files, you can crowdsource your content using Google Forms, or even our own Cerego Survey tool to create Cerego learning content. Then, just upload the results directly to a course.

So, suppose you are responsible for learning and development at your company. Cerego Bulk Upload means you can contact an expert or thought leader in a given area, and send them a Google Form with the content you would like them to address. Once they have submitted their responses, you have everything you need to create a new learning set in our adaptive learning platform.

If you have questions about Bulk Upload or any of our new features, please see our Support pages as well as our Resources for learners, creators, and administrators.