Today, you’ll notice updates to your learning experience in Cerego. Our latest update contains some changes to the learning engine that recommends what to learn and when. These smart recommendations take the guesswork out of learning while exposing progress across courses and assignments.

Personalized Learning in a Click

Our one-click solution to learning is based on learning science. In a click of a button we'll calculate the most effective session for you. You may learn a few new concepts or review previously learned ones. Often it is a blend of both. 

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Mobile Learning Made Easier

Whether you choose to review on our web app or mobile app is up to you, but those who follow their schedule using Cerego's mobile app do almost 2X better. Either way you choose to go, it's important to stick to your schedule as closely as possible. 

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Know Where You Stand

Unlike other study methods you may be accustomed to, Cerego gives you feedback that you can see. Each memory, or concept is tracked in what we call a Knowledge Bank™. The job of the Knowledge Bank is to visualize progress toward mastery. That is, durable usable knowledge that you can draw from your internal 'knowledge bank' — a.k.a. your brain! Yes, memory still matters in a post-Google era!

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Track Assignment Progress

Before or after you're finished studying, we'll show you where you stand and when we estimate you will need to come back. 

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Learning Science in Your Pocket

Timing matters in learning. (Even breaks are necessary!) You'll hear from us when it's time for your next scheduled review. 

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Keep those notifications on to ensure you received the maximum benefit from your personalized learning plan. Learn more about Smart Notifications™ here

Ready to take a break? Kick back and watch the replay of Learning, Memory & Knowledge Post-Google — a SXSWedu featured session!  

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