At Cerego we don’t think adaptive is good enough, which is why we’ve built a personalized learning engine. It’s not about aggregate data and cohorts; it’s about the person and helping them build flexible, durable knowledge. This philosophy guided us to build unique learning profiles for each of our users. Today we’re launching the first of many features stemming from these personal insights: Smart Notifications™.

smart notification.jpg

The guiding principle of building lasting knowledge is reviewing and recalling right before the knowledge starts to fade. This basic idea forms the foundation for our learning engine and is part of what makes Cerego the most efficient way to learn. However, our lives don’t follow an algorithm. Our day-to-day is often chaotic, and no one’s going to get up in the middle of the night to study, no matter how sophisticated the science is. Smart Notifications are designed to adapt to each learner's lifestyle while preserving the science.

One of the things our personalized learning profiles tell us is when a given learner is most likely to study. Maybe it’s 7 AM on the train, a fifteen-minute break between afternoon lectures, or a weekend at the lake. Smart notifications account for these off-hours by adjusting to send when learners are likely to be available, based on the individual's past behavior. This means they won’t be receiving 2 AM study reminders. (Unless they’re up at that hour, of course!) No matter your schedule, our new reminder engine uses a combination of memory science and your personal learning habits to help you build knowledge at the opportune time for you.

Like everything else at Cerego, our mobile-friendly Smart Notifications are at the intersection of science, solutions, and engineering, but this is just the first step. Stay tuned to see how Cerego continues to turn data into success. 

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