Gated Assignments let learners unlock new material with their knowledge

Announcing our new Gated Assignments feature, which allows administrators to set a knowledge level for their learners to achieve before new content becomes available. Rather than releasing all of your course content at once to all learners, Gated Assignments mean you can allow all your learners to progress at the appropriate pace. That is, once they achieve the level required to move on, new content is automatically surfaced to them on an individual basis, so the timing is always appropriate to each learner’s needs.

When you’re bringing new learners onto your team at different times, or even one at a time, it can be hard to get everyone aligned and on the same schedule. Gated Assignments make it so that if you’re a team leader making new hires, you no longer need to worry about coaching them through which learning item to start with, or how to progress through a course.

As an educator, you may want to ensure learners understand basic concepts before moving on — or make extra learning available to students who quickly grasp key concepts or course material. With Gated Assignments, they can unlock that extra potential themselves, at just the right moment for it to be most relevant and effective for each individual student.

Gated Assignments Video Tutorial

Getting started is easy—simply click on the status of the assignment, and select ‘gated content.’ Then, you’ll be prompted to assign the Level of retention required to unlock the set (note: The default setting for this will be the Level you have assigned to the prerequisite set).



Gated Assignments are now available to all administrators — we can’t wait for you to give it a try! Have questions about how it works, or want more information? Check out our Resources page for Admins, and our Support center.

Happy learning!

-The Cerego Team