While virtually every academic institution, and many professional training programs, store and distribute their content via a Learning Management System (LMS), there is no 'learning' built into the software. That's where Cerego's adaptive learning algorithm becomes invaluable to educators at every level—with Cerego, instructors can be confident that their learners are getting exactly the right content, at the right time. This means better learning outcomes, and even improved study habits over the short and long term.

We recently upgraded our LTI to 1.3, making integrating Cerego into your LMS easier than ever. With LTI 1.3, the benefits include:

  • Streamlined implementation
  • Better security
  • Improved experience for learners

In the video below, one of our senior engineers, John Stoecker, explains the difference between earlier versions of the LTI, and the new LTI 1.3 in Cerego.

The best thing about the Cerego learning experience is that it works well for students of disparate academic backgrounds, and consistently outperforms the competition in terms of both engagement and retention, whether in person or remote.

Learn more about how Cerego enhances student performance across the board:

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