The web is awash with information, but there is a huge difference between simply having information available, and intentionally building content for learning. With this in mind, we've launched our first version of Smart Create™ for courses.

Now, for the first time, you can create a course in seconds, ready for any review or edits you want to make, simply by entering search criteria into Cerego.

Smart Create™ for Courses Video

When you go to create a course, you'll see the option to 'Create a Smart Course.' Toggle to this option, and then enter any topic you'd like to turn into learning content. Next, Cerego will confirm your selections based on related topics it finds on the web.

Select the option you would like to study, and Cerego will automatically scan available open content on Wikipedia and elsewhere on the web, and construct a course template for you, including separate assignments for each series of related concepts.

Once the Cerego Smart Create algorithm completes the draft course, you can edit any aspect of it (from the content of each assignment to the learning level, etc.), assign it to learners, or get started learning yourself.

With Smart Create for courses, Cerego makes it easier than ever to make the best possible use of existing content, which you can then edit to suit your or your learners' needs, rather than starting from scratch.

We can't wait for you to get started using Smart Create for courses! If you have feedback or questions, please let us know. 

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Happy learning!

Team Cerego