With the 2020 school year fast approaching, we know that instructors, professors, teachers, and students alike are wondering how to make online learning as effective as possible. Patti Valella, Professor of Life Sciences at Long Beach City College, joined us for an interview on how to build student confidence and increase participation in remote learning.

Professor Valella is a specialist in remediation in life science education, and is experienced with remote learning tools, having used online learning to reinforce classroom study well before the Covid-19 pandemic. In the webinar, Valella explained her process for creating an engaging, effective online course by fostering an environment based on inclusion and a growth mindset.

Webinar: How to Increase Student Confidence and Participation in Remote Learning

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In addition to providing her own materials based on years of classroom experience, Valella also responded to numerous questions from those in attendance, covering everything from best practices for making online learning accessible, to concrete examples of tactics or rubrics she has used to drive conversation among her students. 



"For me, I see four levels of inclusion: There's inclusion in that the student feels like the professor knows them; there's a level of inclusion within the class itself—does the student get along with the others in the class, so they feel like they can contribute; there's the level of belonging at the school, at the college itself; and then also, do you see yourself as belonging in the field that you are pursuing?" 
- Patti Valella, Professor of Life Sciences, Long Beach City College


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