We are excited to announce important updates to Cerego's SCORM support and scheduling features. With these enhancements, educators and learners can now enjoy a more seamless integration of SCORM content into their courses while benefiting from Cerego's adaptive scheduling. In this blog post, we'll share details about these updates and how they can help optimize your learning experience on the Cerego platform.

Adaptive Scheduling of SCORM Content with Goals:

One of the significant updates to our SCORM support is the integration of adaptive scheduling with SCORM content through the use of goals. Setting a goal on SCORM content allows it to be adaptively scheduled for users, depending on the goal level, which determines the frequency at which they will engage with the content. This helps learners build lasting, transferable knowledge and drives behavior change.

By incorporating goals into SCORM content, Cerego can now offer a more consistent learning experience across different content types, helping learners to retain information more effectively.

Flexible SCORM Content Options:

In addition to adaptive scheduling, Cerego now also offers more flexibility with how SCORM content is used within courses. If you prefer to use SCORM content as a one-time assessment, you can simply not set a goal. This will make the SCORM content available for learners to engage with just once.

Additionally, we encourage authors to create SCORM content in smaller chunks for a more focused learning experience. By breaking content into discrete pieces, learners can more easily engage with the material and benefit from Cerego's adaptive scheduling.

Improved Learner Experience with SCORM Content:

Cerego's updated SCORM support makes it easier for learners to access SCORM assignments within the platform. This streamlined access ensures that learners can easily find and engage with their SCORM content within Cerego, allowing for a more seamless learning experience.

Embrace the Future of Learning with Cerego:

By integrating SCORM content with our adaptive scheduling system and offering more flexibility in how SCORM content is used within courses, we're excited to help you create more engaging, effective learning experiences on the Cerego platform. Embrace the future of learning with Cerego's updated SCORM support and scheduling features.