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Cerego sets the standard for personalized learning by helping learners crystallize foundational knowledge through personalized, scheduled reviews. Now, starting today, instructors can use Cerego to bolster learning with Instructional Items—a new item template that supports the presentation of instructional material within Cerego.

Instructional Items allow content creators to present context to learners so that they can develop their understanding of the material, before using Cerego to test and demonstrate their mastery of the course content. This new item type not only supports the initial presentation of primary instructional material, but can be accessed on-demand to refresh core understanding of foundational concepts. 

With the ability to deliver instructional material directly from Cerego, educators are able to provide a more comprehensive learning experience that can be accessed by learners as they need it. With instructional content and active review occurring in one place, learners are better equipped to engage with material - both in the classroom and via their mobile device.

Use Cerego to Instruct

To add instructional content to any set, locate the items page for the set and click Instructional Items. From the item editor, create a title, add content, and hit Finish. It’s that simple to provide content that stands on its own and is easily searchable for your learners.


Support concept development by learners in a variety of ways to meet individual learning needs. Instructional Items support multimedia learning resources. Mix-and-match rich text, audio, and video to create an engaging, effective instructional experiences. Instructors immediately benefit from the ease and convenience of hosting instructional content in one place.


Learners can view Instructional Items on our Android, iOS or web app so they can learn from anywhere, anytime. We recommend encouraging learners to download our app for Android or iOS to stay on top of their personalized learning schedule and keep memories fresh.


Build new presentations that your students can access when they need them or support your learners by adding Instructional Items to existing sets from the Create tool right now.

You can start adding Instructional Items from the Create tool right now. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

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