Last week we made a big announcement: the Cerego personalized learning platform is now available for integration in Canvas, an open online learning management system (LMS) created by Instructure that makes teaching and learning easier.

If you’re using Canvas, this is exciting news. Why? Because the learning science behind Cerego supercharges the L in LMS. That is, we make learning more efficient and effective for students, and more manageable for instructors and administrators.

You can embed Cerego learning sets easily into Canvas as an assignment. You can also send Cerego progress reports seamlessly to your grade book by the desired due date.

We created this reference guide for a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up the integration. However, if you need extra help setting up the Cerego Canvas integration please don't hesitate to contact a Cerego implementation specialist who can meet with you online and walk you through the process. 



"The assignments in Cerego can be made available via Canvas. Thus, students see when they are due on the Canvas calendar. Once you get the integration set up, the grades are automatically entered into the Canvas gradebook. This saves time entering grades."

- Patti Valella, Long Beach City College


The Cerego/Canvas integration can be used with our Gates Grant funded courseware, or, for any adaptive learning content you want to create. Pilots of the Cerego/Canvas integration are taking place at Santa Rosa Junior College and Long Beach City College.

Site licenses are available, as well as a new Cerego/Canvas PayPortal LTI, which provides a flexible and convenient way for site administrators to include Cerego in their Canvas root instance. Let us know if you’d like to pilot Cerego at your campus or school. We're here to help.



“Cerego and Instructure share the same drive and commitment in enabling better digital learning experiences for people everywhere through technology.”

- Andrew Smith Lewis, Co Founder and CEO, Cerego