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We're happy to announce we are working with BBC Bitesize, a free online study resource for students in the United Kingdom, to improve how students learn and achieve better outcomes in the classroom. BBC Bitesize will integrate Cerego’s learning platform within its online guides for General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) courses, delivering an interactive and personalized method for students to improve their foundational knowledge and achieve higher test scores.

With more than 4 million students using its programs, BBC Bitesize continually seeks to improve learning outcomes and increase student engagement, while aligning with student needs regardless of where they are in the course. With proven results across K-12 and higher education in the U.S. and around the world, Cerego provides a unique ability to help students at every level improve their knowledge, regardless of subject matter. Through this integration, students will have access to personalized content to drive increased engagement and improved outcomes throughout the year.

 “Students preparing for the GCSE have a unique combination of learning needs, ages and abilities, and this is an exciting opportunity to bring personalized learning to these students on a massive scale,” said Andrew Smith Lewis, co-founder and CEO, Cerego. “Our mission at Cerego is to improve how people learn and retain knowledge, and this integration will provide students with a tool to retain information long-term, positively impacting future performance and helping them unlock their full potential.”

Cerego’s AI-driven learning platform and data insights will simultaneously educate students and measure their performance, while also providing them with access to their own learning data. This full view of each student’s approach to learning will provide program administrators with a new level of insight into how students are using and benefiting from the program. Cerego’s predictive analytics allow moderators to analyze each student's interactions to help encourage more efficient study habits and provide relevant content based on what they already understand and what they need to review, as opposed to following a predetermined workflow. Through Cerego’s dynamic dashboard, students will see how their comprehension is progressing and quickly understand how close they are to mastering the required skills or information.  

Cerego is used by over 1,000 educational institutions in the United States with plans to continue expanding offerings internationally. Cognitive science and artificial intelligence drive the platform’s algorithms to deliver actionable information to administrators, professors and students using Cerego in an academic setting.


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