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Science professor giving lecture to class at the university

For Education:
Maximize student potential

Students using Cerego retain foundational knowledge, ace final exams, pass the board, or prepare for their future career better and faster

Group of young people in business meeting

For Companies:
Increase employee development and retention

Cerego improves employees' performance so you can invest in their skills and get the most out of their talent and ambition.


For Government:
Perform mission critical operations

Emergency management, law enforcement, and military personnel rely on their training reinforced by Cerego to make split-second decisions to save lives. 


The leading adaptive learning platform that predicts how you best learn

Accelerate training and learning with proven science: 

  • Easily develop learner and talent with technology
  • Painlessly integrate throughout your organization
  • Track and measure improvements in team knowledge

Learning Science
Evidence-supported cognitive science algorithms underpin the platform


Predictive algorithms focus on the how of learning, not just the what



Personalized Learning
Distributed practice and retrieval practice to study the right content at the right time

See how Cerego uses technology to help learners retain knowledge more effectively

Dave Stritzinger - Consensus

Dave Stritzinger
President & Founder, Consensus, a Target subsidiary

"Cerego is poised to change how major organizations train and identify talent."


Matt McLaughlin
Program Manager, Peace Corps

"All of the content of our sessions goes into Cerego and I'm getting a real time snapshot of what concepts just aren't sinking in across the whole class - what I need to clarify."

Elena Cunningham - NYU

Elena P. Cunningham, MA, PHD
Dental Professor, New York University

"Thanks in part to Cerego, the class of 2017 achieved a 100% first attempt pass-rate on Part 1 of the National Board Dental Examination... You don't have to test the students - in a very non-stressful way, you can know whether they know the material."


Jeremy Radcliffe
President & Chief Strategy Officer, Salient

"The immediate improvements in learning are just the beginning for us. We're committed to continuous learning and Cerego supports long-term training and development. It's a great alignment."

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