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With 9 out of 10 customers reporting bad customer service as the root cause of them ending engagements, it’s time to focus on providing call center agents with the training tools they need to succeed.

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Make your call center a business priority

Call centers are where first impressions are made and customer relationships are built. In the age of instant gratification, call centers are also the major differentiator between good and great products. The problem is, call center agents forget 70% of their training in just 24 hours. Cerego stops agents from forgetting and tracks their progress with the only adaptive learning platform built using cognitive science and AI.

Reduce agent turnover

Call centers have an above average turnover rate of 30-45%. Replacing a front line employee is estimated to cost the equivalent of 20% of a full annual salary. Improving training with an adaptive learning system reduces agent turnover and costs.

Lower customer churn

A 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits from 25-95%. Cerego helps you identify agent skill gaps and retrains them automatically. The result? Customers are happy with their experience and recommend you to their friends.

Prove your business impact

Whether you track your performance using Avg. Hold Time, Avg. Handle Time, First Call Resolution Rate, etc., Cerego helps you hit and exceed your performance goals. Reports make it easy to clearly communicate your value at the executive level.

"I love the reporting! I know exactly which learner failed which question, how many times did they have to review that concept until they got it, how much time they spent doing it—and that creates our daily and weekly opportunities for coaching."

—Crina Petre, Senior Manager of Training and Standards, TechStyle Fashion Group


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Personalized learning for each agent with every module

With Cerego, agents know what's needed to provide the best customer experience. Whether it's product information, troubleshooting steps, or general policies and procedures, Cerego automatically trains and tracks how well agents remember every module.

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How TechStyle has used continuous remote learning to drive performance, worldwide

Here’s how TechStyle uses Cerego to build a training program for representatives that is both personalized and scalable, on a global level.

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How Consensus Improves Employee Training During Peak Season

With a tight holiday training schedule and a growing number of people to train quickly, the pressure is on to ensure every employee is effectively trained and knowledgeable.

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Webinar: How to Create and Scale Online Training for Remote Sales and Recruitment Employees

“We’ve been able to consolidate a one-week onboarding bootcamp and nearly 700 pages of text into a digestible format that new employees can easily learn and remember with Cerego, allowing us to meet the staffing needs of our partners.”

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