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Smart Notifications™

Cerego's Smart Notifications™ are built to maximize learning for every user. Unlike common push notifications or emails that only look to boost in-app engagement, Cerego's reminders are timed precisely for each individual learner to help build strong memory retention, leveraging our unique combination of AI and cognitive science. 

Smart Learn - notifications

What that means: We build an optimized schedule for every user in our adaptive learning platform, triggering reviews just as memories begin to fade. 

Only what you need, exactly when you need it: Since our lives don’t follow an algorithm, Smart Notifications are designed to adapt to each learner's lifestyle while preserving the science. One of the things our personalized learning profiles tell us is when a given learner is most likely to study.

No matter your schedule, our new reminder engine uses a combination of memory science and your personal learning habits to help you build knowledge at the opportune time for you.

See also: Adaptive learning, Cognitive science, Distributed learning, Personalized learning, Primacy effect, Smart Create™


See Smart Notifications in action:

Smart Notifications: Learning Science Meets Lifestyle

Smart Notifications: Learning Science Meets Lifestyle

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