Cerego 101: How to Create Content

Watch the video for an introduction to content creation using Cerego, and check out each of the following chapters below for detailed information on Cerego's advanced tools.Don't see what you need? You can always contact us at support@cerego.com.





Sequences in Cerego

Here's how to create a sequence question in Cerego, where learners are asked to arrange items into the correct order.

Cerego Smart Create™ Tools

Here's how to leverage Cerego's Smart Suggestions™ and Smart Answers™ to make building engaging content smooth and easy. 




Use Cerego's tools to base questions on diagrams, by outlining or emphasizing areas within the image.

Assessments in Cerego

Watch this video to see how to build and assign assessments based via the Cerego adaptive learning platform.




Cerego now allows you to build and send surveys to your learners! Watch this video to see the basics of Survey building and analytics.

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