What is personalized learning?

Quite simply the most effective way to learn.

 Cerego Personalized Learning,

the easiest way to assess learning
progress anywhere and anytime.

The Benefits of Cerego Personalized Learning

Increase effectiveness

Training and learning is improved through the platform that encourages learning the right material at the right time - just before you forget it. This is the most efficient way to learn.


Learners’ retention increases up to 90%.

Save time and money

Learners master the basics on their own time, or retain what they’ve learned in-person, allowing instructors to reduce training time.



NYU reduced classroom hours by 50% and replaced 96 teaching hours.

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Measure knowledge

Powerful insights allow learners to track their own progress over time and enable admins and instructors to quantify how learners are performing and identify which content should be prioritized or modified.

Admins gain a real-time view into learner progress over time.

Technology & Cognitive Science

Using years of detailed learning data, scientific models of memory decay, and the user's own learning history, Cerego's patented algorithms deliver an optimal schedule that efficiently and effectively guides learning for each individual.

  • Evidence-supported cognitive science algorithms underpin the platform and its delivery of instructional and quiz content to users at the perfect moment
  • A machine-learning approach means that Cerego is constantly adapting, ensuring that user-by-user, and item-by-item, personalization is at its core
  • Intelligent system optimization shows the right content at the right time to boost retention and engagement


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Create Unforgettable Content

Turn ordinary concepts into an effective, engaging digital learning experience

  • A palette of 10+ instructional and quiz templates helps you create and edit course material
  • DIY (do it yourself) or work with one of Cerego’s experienced instructional designers to create dynamic content that brings learning design to life
  • Drag, drop, and sort to customize course content for each group or classroom with ease
  • Fully customizable courseware for Higher Education is available to supplement or replace textbooks for seven subjects, including: Biology (Majors/Non Majors), Anatomy and Physiology, Macro/Micro Economics, US History (Pre-colonial to Civil War, Reconstruction to Present), Introduction to Sociology, and Statistics.

"Cerego is easier than PowerPoint"

Elena P. Cunningham

NYU, PHD NYU Dental Professor

Deliver Powerful Instruction

Enhance instruction with a robust set of course administration features that support group and individual learning

  • Applied proven learning science principles - retrieval practice or “testing effect” and distributed learning or “spaced repetition” - help turn study into lasting knowledge
  • A Distributed Adaptive Retrieval Practice Algorithm, developed by Cerego, controls the personalized selection of content based upon each learner's unique profile
  • A visual Knowledge Bank gives instructors and learners immediate feedback as learners progress at the concept level and higher
  • People management features make it easy for instructors to group individuals and assign them customized course content, tailored to each course or classroom

"Cerego is easily accessible to students, especially if they have the app on their phone. My students love the program because it makes studying easy and fun."

Patricia Valella

Long Beach City College

Improve Learning Outcomes

Elevate the learning experience with Smart Learn technology that increases retention while reducing learners’ cognitive burden of knowing what and when to study

  • An error-correcting model delivers a personalized schedule to each learner, focusing them on the exact concepts they need to understand and master
  • Personalized Smart Notifications are timed to encourage learners to study at within their optimal learning window to help them build real, durable knowledge
  • The Knowledge Bank empowers learners to participate in their learning experience using data-backed visuals to quantify concept mastery and learning progression over time
  • Free mobile apps for iOS and Android allow for short frequent review sessions anywhere they go

"Cerego helped me build my confidence so that I did not have to deal with anxiety interfering with my ability to learn. Cerego is certainly more convenient and effective than lugging around a textbook.”

Paul Zuber-Fantulin

Santa Rosa Junior College

Apply Meaningful Analytics

Gain the ability to know and measure what learners know and retain over time

  • Cerego Analytics reveal concept retention, quiz results, and classroom performance review, while Cerego's mobile Insights App provides up-to-the-minute analytics
  • Data shows how each piece of content is performing with learners and what areas need additional attention or remediation in the classroom
  • Content performance metrics measure outcomes for each learner and highlight where to make adjustments to the course content
  • The Knowledge Bank provides instructors and admins with a variety of views that shed light onto individual learner progression and where they are in relation to their peers

"Cerego might be the most innovative educational technology tool I have worked within the last decade."

Cristián Opazo

Director of Educational Technology

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