The simplest solution for effective learning

A flexible platform that effectively drives your team’s learning, training, and skill set acquisition. Simple on the outside, while robust and multidimensional inside, Cerego shifts the paradigm of learning software by focusing on how people learn rather than what they learn. No matter the subject - this is simply a better learning experience.

"Cerego might be the most innovative educational technology tool I have worked with in the last decade."

Cristián Opazo, Ph.D., M.Sc.

Director of Educational Technology, NYU College of Dentistry

"Cerego uses science to help you learn faster and remember more. "

Life Hacker

"Thanks to integration with Cerego, we can create learning apps that immediately open up a whole new world of adaptive experiences that otherwise would have taken ages to accomplish."

Martin Konrad

Founder, Design Royale

"Cerego hacks your personal learning style to help you remember anything."

All Things D

"Cerego is convenient, and it works."

Paul Zuber Fantulin

Student, Santa Rosa Junior College

Revolutionizing learning and training for hundreds of companies and universities like:


The Knowledge Bank,
the easiest way to assess learning progress anywhere, anytime.

Training software that fundamentally changes the learning experience

Use science to provide a better learning experience

Leverage years of academic research, applied science, and real-world big data mining to help people learn faster, remember longer, quantify what they know, and enjoy the learning experience.

Easily develop learners and talent with technology

Help people learn more while studying at the right time. Rapidly turn any subject content into a personalized learning experience they will enjoy mastering.

Painlessly integrate throughout your organization

Quickly start small with comprehensive templates and scale up to a fully customized ongoing standard of continuing education and support throughout the talent lifecycle.

Track and measure improvements in team knowledge

Continually measuring knowledge growth on an ongoing basis, not just at a snapshot in time. Since learning is an ongoing process, measuring its effects must be an ongoing process as well.

How it Works



Together, we identify your core learning objectives 
and desired outcomes



Apply multiple item templates to your content to build the best possible learning experience


Instruct & Learn

Students and employees can learn with Cerego on web app, Android, or iOS device



Monitor progress and outcomes of individual learners or large segments who engage with similar content



Make data-driven adjustments to your content or instruction to continually improve the learning experience

A solution for every learner


Cerego for Business

Get a learning software solution that will help you instruct better while helping your employees learn better and retain longer.


Cerego for Higher Education

Use our personalized learning platform with your own content to create an efficient and effective learning experience. Or get Cerego Courseware — a fully customizable personalized learning program that supports student success.

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How to Use Scientific Principles to Improve Learning

The Cerego platform does not just improve how individuals learn using technology. It also helps users become more proficient learners even outside the system, and provides significant benefits to instructors :

  • Know what learners know, right now and over time
  • Make content creation fast and easy
  • Assess how learners are progressing with course material
  • Yield 2x better results for learners with mobile studying

Learn how Cerego uses machine learning to improve how people learn, and and how it can benefit your organization.

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