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Cerego helps students and employees build deep knowledge to succeed in their class and hit their work performance goals - while reducing the time it takes by over 50%.

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"Cerego might be the most innovative learning technology I have worked with in the last decade."

—Cristián Opazo, Ph.D., M.Sc., Director of Educational Technology
NYU College of Dentistry

New York University


"Cerego is poised to change how major organizations train and identify talent."

—Dave Stritzinger, President & Founder, Consensus, a Target Subsidiary


"Our students learn quicker, and retain longer, than through traditional learning and testing methods."

—Jeff Hellmer, Professor
The University of Texas at Austin



"Cerego is like having a teaching assistant that goes home with my students. It can reach students when they are unavailable to me at night or on weekends."

—Laurel Roberts,
Senior Lecturer,
University of Pittsburgh