Webinar Wednesdays

Date/Time: June 3, 2020 at 10:00am Pacific Time

Summary: We'll cover the problems schools and teachers face as they move to remote and distance learning, and how to make sure students are engaged and continue to progress while they are at home.

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Mark Gaspar

Mark Gaspar
Chair of Criminal Justice & Politics Programs
Cairn University

“Put plainly, in a world that has become unpredictably non-linear, Cerego provides learners the ability to continue to make progress. I attribute this positive reinforcement as a contributor to keeping students stimulated, learning, and engaged.”

Laurel Roberts

Laurel Roberts
Senior Lecturer
University of Pittsburgh

"Cerego is like having a teaching assistant that goes home with my students. It can reach students when they are unavailable to me at night or on weekends."

Kira Arthurs

Kira Arthurs
Instructor of Sociology
Pearl River Community College

“If I can have them participate in Cerego, one, it’s gamified—it’s fun; two, they’re still getting the information that they need, even though they’re not spending more than about 15 minutes at a time; and three, they’re constantly reviewing the materials, even if they aren’t opening up the textbook.”

John von Seggern

John von Seggern
Director of Online Education
ICON Collective College of Music

"We thought there had to be a tool out there that puts practice and retention above preparing for an exam. ICON is committed to our students' development as artists and Cerego helped us put the emphasis on mastery, rather than test scores."

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Learning Science
Cognitive science algorithms underpin the platform


Predictive algorithms focus on improving how you learn, not just the what



Personalized Learning
Distributed and retrieval practice to study the right content at the right time