We're on a mission to change how people learn

Cerego is on a mission to measure and improve everyone's potential. We do that by combining AI, cognitive science, and proprietary technology to help people get smarter and retain better. 


  • Paul-Mumma

    Paul Mumma


    Paul leads business operations at Cerego, bringing the platform to the world and working to make sure our team and partners are successful. Before Cerego, he studied Classics as an undergrad at Harvard and grad student at Oxford, and worked as a strategy consultant with McKinsey in Chicago. He’s a fan of languages living and dead, and takes pride in having lived on the east coast, west coast, and midwest. You’ll find him learning Norwegian and bartending facts on Cerego

  • Michelle-Lee

    Michelle Lee

    VP of Marketing

    Michelle heads up marketing at Cerego where she is responsible for marketing strategy, product marketing, growth, and digital marketing efforts worldwide. Her 20 years of experience includes leading marketing strategy, branding, product, growth, and revenues at successful B2B, B2C, consumer, mobile, casual gaming, and edtech companies including Nasdaq's 6th best IPO of that year and Apple. She loves lifelong learning, studying new subjects, spending time in nature, reading, and sports.

  • Jon-David-Hague

    Jon David Hague

    VP, Solutions

    Jon-David heads up Cerego’s partner relationships to ensure that their Cerego experience delivers their unique goals. After earning his Ph.D. in Classics from Boston University and teaching for a stint at Austin College, he held a variety of positions in sales, marketing, editorial, and people and product portfolio management at McGraw-Hill and Cengage. Outside of work, Jon-David enjoys trout fishing, playing guitar, and not breaking anything on his skateboard. On Cerego, he’s learning bird calls.

  • Iain-Harlow

    Iain Harlow

    VP, Science

    On top of the British flavour he brings to the office, Iain works with the engineers, designers and scientific advisors to improve the cutting-edge Cerego engine, understand its impact on learning and develop new features. Prior to joining Cerego he gained a PhD in Neuroinformatics and spent some time as a researcher, developing better ways to separate and measure memory processes. Outside of work Iain enjoys walking, biking and (very) amateur photography. He’s using Cerego to brush up on his Norwegian, fill in some large gaps in his knowledge of cultural history, and learn just enough Fallout-4-related words to understand the engineers.

  • Ralph-Whitney

    Ralph Whitney

    VP, Government Group

    Ralph is leading our expansion efforts into the government market. After finishing degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ralph devoted most of his career to developing technology and growing a government training and simulation business for Motorola and General Dynamics. Ralph enjoys weightlifting, extreme off-road motorsports, and watching Marvel superhero movies and cartoons. Some of us never grow up!

  • Kyle-Stewart

    Kyle Stewart

    Lead Architect

    Kyle works to create a world class experience with Cerego's iOS app. Before Cerego, he studied Computer Science at the University of California, San Diego and started his own business creating iOS apps that help people around the world become fluent in English. Aside from work, Kyle is a competitive tennis player, and also enjoys practicing his Japanese and Korean.

  • Erik-Strom

    Erik Strom

    Director of Engineering

    Erik works on the Cerego engineering team. Before joining, he studied Statistics and Development Studies at UC Berkeley and worked at a nonprofit consultancy in San Francisco. When he's not at work, you can find him out on his bike or playing guitar.

  • Paul-Henry

    Paul Henry

    Senior Director, Corporate Sales

    Paul Henry leads Cerego's efforts to build a global corporate sales team and is passionate about helping organizations realize the full potential and impact of training. Paul earned his Bachelors degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst Isenberg School of Management. Paul has spent his career leading sales organizations and large sales teams with a variety of successful technology companies including, Monster.com, JobFox, AdvancedMD, CareCloud, and Instructure. Paul's expertise is in building and growing successful sales teams in hyper growth companies. Outside of work Paul enjoy's time with his fiancée and kids. Paul lives in Park City, UT and is an avid skier and mountain biker.

  • Rachelle-Felzien

    Rachelle Felzien

    Mobile Engineer (Android)

    Rachelle is Cerego’s Android engineer, with a degree in linguistics and minor in computer science from Eastern Michigan University. Before that, she was a student at Parsons the New School for Design in NYC, studying fashion. After graduation, she spent a year and a half in Northeast China teaching English and studying Mandarin — 你好世界! When not at work, Rachelle is an avid runner who loves to read, write, make things, and spend whole days outside, exploring.

  • John-Stoecker

    John Stoecker

    Senior Engineer

    John works as a web stack engineer at Cerego and has Computer Science and Music degrees from Stanford. Before Cerego, John worked as IT educator in the Peace Corps in Namibia and as a coder for an NGO health startup in India. John enjoys eating street food, composing music on the piano, and reading novels on the metro.

  • Eddie-Dickey

    Laila Vinson

    Full Stack Software Engineer

    Laila is part of the engineering team at Cerego. Before joining, she studied Political Science at UCLA and worked at an agency that helped create full stack web and mobile apps for a variety of industries. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling, rock climbing, and spending time with her dogs.

  • Brian-Gore

    Brian Gore

    Account Executive

    Brian has a deep background in sales, marketing, product development and content creation - both as a consultant and former employee of McGraw Hill/Random House. He is also a renown guitarist, and is founder of the International Guitar Night. He’s fluent in German, speaks Spanish, and enjoys reading, thinking, writing, cooking, spending time with family and friends, and meditating.

  • Matt-Walsh

    Matt Walsh

    Software Engineer

    Matt works as a full stack engineer at Cerego. Born and raised in San Francisco, he has a background in Bay Area technology companies. He worked as an analyst at startups before transitioning into software engineering. Outside of work, Matt enjoys cooking, black and white movies and teaching others how to code at Code Tenderloin.

  • Ryan-Harris

    Ryan Harris

    Account Executive, Corporate Sales

    Ryan is a seasoned software sales professional who thrives on helping organizations increase efficiencies through modern technology. Having spent many years in the corporate world, Ryan understands the value of corporate training. He's passionate about helping companies improve learning outcomes, while providing leaders much better insights into the true knowledge of their employees. Ryan earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Information Systems from Brigham Young University. He loves coming up with new product inventions and uses Cerego to keep them fresh in his memory. In his free time, you can find him traveling, mountain biking, boating/camping, and playing sand volleyball and most recently, pickleball.

  • Jake-Wangler

    Jake Wangler

    Sales Development Representative

    Jake grew up in Central Texas with a passion to improve the way people learn. With a diverse background in nontraditional education, Jake works to develop new corporate business for Cerego. On the weekends, Jake enjoys traveling, skiing, hiking and trying new things.

  • Eddie-Dickey

    Eddie Dickey

    QA Engineer

    Eddie works as a QA Engineer on the Engineering team. He also answers customer support inquiries. He is excited to work at Cerego and promote effective ways to learn and he believes that learning how to learn is a key skill for the 21st century. Outside of work, Eddie enjoys cross country skiing, hiking, golf and learning to play the guitar.

  • Eddie-Dickey

    Archana Ramalingam

    Data Scientist

    Archana is Cerego's data scientist. She has a Master degree in Computer Engineering, with a Machine Learning Specialization from San Jose State University, and a Master degree in optical technologies from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. Outside of work, she loves to travel, explore different cuisines, learn new languages, and play brain workout games.

  • Bryan-Tjokro

    Bryan Tjokro

    Sales Development Representative

    At Cerego, Bryan Tjokro is a Sales Development Representative who focuses on developing education accounts. He has a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration, Marketing from San Jose State University. Previous to Cerego, he worked at the NorCal Music and Arts Center. In his spare time, Bryan enjoys playing games, watching TV shows and movies, and reading.

  • SergioHernandez

    Sergio Hernandez

    Customer Support Specialist

    Sergio is currently leading Customer Support on the Solutions team. He has a passion to create successful customer programs and enjoys working with clients. Sergio enjoys spending time with his family, cheering on his kids’ sports activities, and supporting all Bay Area sports teams.

  • JohnBraunlin

    John Braunlin

    Data Scientist

    John works as a Data Scientist on the Science team. He has a passion for natural language processing and ambition to further automate Cerego’s products. Outside of work, John enjoys skiing and watching sports. He’s currently working on a machine learning model that will assist him in winning his fantasy football league.

  • GinaDeBiasi

    Gina DeBiasi

    Customer Success Manager

    Gina is a Customer Success Manager on the Solutions team. Originally from Michigan, Gina has worked as a partnership and program manager for nonprofits in Detroit, Austin, and the Bay Area. Outside of work, she loves being outdoors, traveling, and experimenting with new ice cream recipes.

  • Andrew-Smith-Lewis

    Andrew Smith Lewis


    Andrew is one of the inventors of Cerego’s learning method, and started Cerego to create an open platform to improve memory and quantify knowledge. These days he spends equal time improving the product and working with our partners and advisors around the world. His passion for research stretches back to his high school days at Bronx Science, and inspired him to start three education and technology companies (including the Princeton Review of Japan) in Tokyo, where he lived for nearly 25 years.

  • Eric-Young

    Eric Young

    Co-founder/Executive Chairman

    Eric graduated from the American School in Japan and received a degree in Chemical Engineering from Yale University. Prior to co-founding Cerego, Eric had a twelve-year career as a bond and currency trader, where his last job was CEO of an Asia-based German securities company. As Executive Chairman of Cerego, Eric currently helps directs all company strategy and operations. He authored a Japanese book called “Social Learning Revolution” with Co-Founder Andrew Smith Lewis in 2008.


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