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About Cerego

We're working transforming how people and organizations measure and improve their human potential. 

Better Together. 

We improve how people learn, no matter what they are learning. Cerego is driven to transform how the world learns by building a single, generalizable platform for acquiring and demonstrating knowledge and capability.


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Cerego can help you acquire, retain, and demonstrate the knowledge you need, so you can excel at the things you enjoy and be the person you want to be.


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United by our shared mission.

Our team is committed to revolutionizing the learning experience. With wide-ranging interests and varied backgrounds, we find strength in our culture of acceptance and collaboration.

Meet the team
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A culture of learning

We've set out to change the face of personalized learning -- the science of memory and the quantification of knowledge. Our team brings smarts and savvy in technology, science, engineering, and more.

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