Cerego Money-back Guarantee Terms and Conditions

Detailed Requirements:

  1. Number of seats is up to the lead, and can be as little or high as they want. 
  2. Each user must reach level 2.0 or above in the knowledge bank, and have 100% progress on each assignment that is eligible for a refund.
  3. The assessment/s will be auto-generated in Cerego that pulls the questions from an assignment or course.
  4. Eligible assignments/assessments must have at a minimum 10 questions/concepts. If there are multiple assignments for a student that are eligible for a refund (see #2), the average score across all assessments will be used to calculate their score %.
  5. Any user that scores less than 70% on the Cerego assessment/s will get their seat refunded.
  6. Assignments with a level 2 requirement must take an assessment within 14-30 days of the assignment/s going live. Those with a level 3 requirement can be 30-60 days of the assignment/s going live. 
  7. Optional tracking of predicted performance using the Readiness Score can also be used to show/predict student performance.