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Navigating Cerego just got easier

When you log in today you’ll notice some changes. This update makes it easier to differentiate between professional and personal tools available on Cerego. Our new drop-down navigation allows you to quickly move between Cerego tools such as Admin, [...]

We’re Taking Cerego to New Levels

Cerego is the standard for personalized learning - and the easiest, most effective way to acquire and demonstrate knowledge. Today, we’re excited to announce our latest update that makes it even easier to track progress as a learner or instructor.

Three cheers for Cerego 3.0 for iOS!

Chances are good you’re reading this post on a mobile device of some kind. After all, however you slice the data, it’s clear that “mobile” is more and more the norm when it comes to the internet. (We particularly like Benedict Evans’ analysis here) [...]