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Learn more about Cerego's three programming ideas below:

PANEL 1 A is for Ambassador

“Student Ambassadors” supporting instructors and empowering learning: That’s the approach two classrooms are taking to bridge the gap between higher ed and the real world. Hear from two struggling students brought on track by tutoring and technology. The student (ambassadors), joined by their instructors, will discuss challenges and opportunities in using Cerego in Higher Ed and describe how learning technology improved their academic prospects, and how their struggles inform their role.

Patti Valella, Professor, Long Beach Community College
Ying Lin, Professor, Santa Rosa Junior College
Paul Zuber Fantulin, Student, Santa Rosa Junior College
Arron Chan, Student, Long Beach Community College



Mission Critical: Train Like The Army

The Army is one of the world’s largest training organizations. Army training imparts large amounts of information, instilling knowledge, culture, habits, and discipline -- knowledge and ability that is critical to their success. Every new posting or rank requires them to learn quickly and as a result, personnel develop the capacity to absorb information more efficiently than most. Learn how the army approaches learning and training to develop the smartest, strongest organization in the world.

Keith Walker, Lieutenant General (ret), U.S. Army
Maureen August Short, Captain, Company Commander in Iraq (ret), U.S. Army
Andrew Smith Lewis, Co-Founder and CEO, Cerego 



Musical Map to Passion, Perserverance, & Practice

Gain insight into how you can achieve your creative potential in an event that’s a feast for the ears and mind. Talent and intelligence are not the only key factors in creative success. Effective practice over time, alongside passion, perseverance, and applied learning science are also key. Interspersing live solo guitar with the latest in learning science and performance psychology, Andrew Smith Lewis and Brian Gore will highlight parallels and contrasts between effective practice and learning.

Brian Gore, CEO and Founder, International Guitar Night
Andrew Smith Lewis, Co-Founder and CEO, Cerego

How Votes Are Weighted

Community voting is an important part of the session selection process. The community’s votes will factor into a score that consist of Advisory Board evaluations (40%), community public voting (30%) and staff analysis (30%).

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  1. A is for Ambassador
  2. Mission Critical: Train Like the Army
  3. Musical Map to Passion, Perseverance, & Practice 
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