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Salient Unifies their Growing Company with Cerego

After Houston-based asset management firm Salient Partners, L.P. (“Salient”) acquired San Francisco-based Forward Management, LLC (“Forward”) in June 2015, the work was far from over. With the acquisition, Salient almost doubled its headcount and [...]

Why Learn It When You Can Google It?

Is Google making knowledge obsolete? Our CEO Andrew Smith Lewis recently spoke at SXSWedu about how having information in the palm of our hand is changing what, how, and why we learn. This is an important topic for those of us who work at Cerego - [...]

New Q&A Template Expands Options for Content Creators

Question: Is it possible to create Question-and-Answer items in Cerego? A. Yes! B. Nope, sorry! C. We’ll get back to you on that! Answer: The correct answer is A, Yes! This week Cerego is launching a new item template to support your quiz banks, [...]