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Replay: Learning, Memory & Knowledge Post-Google - SXSWedu Featured Session

If you've been following Cerego you know that our Co-Founder and CEO, Andrew Smith Lewis, was invited to present as a featured speaker at SXSWedu. Miss his Tuesday talk? You can still catch the replay of Learning, Memory & Knowledge Post-Google [...]

Meet the Cerego team at SXSWedu 2017

With just a few days before SXSWedu you're probably starting to plan your week. Cerego is heading back to SXSWedu with an even busier schedule this year - and we'd love to meet you if you're in Austin for the big event. Here's where you can find us [...]

Why Mobile Users Are Learning Faster

In learning, timing matters. Through decades of research into the cognitive science of learning and how memories fade over time, we now understand that spacing out learning into shorter sessions with breaks is more effective than cramming and that [...]