When you log in today you’ll notice some changes. This update makes it easier to differentiate between professional and personal tools available on Cerego. Our new drop-down navigation allows you to quickly move between Cerego tools such as Admin, Create, Courses and Learn.

Read on to learn about how the update affects your Cerego experience.

The Basics

If you have a Cerego Basic account, you can browse public content to learn or create your own sets and series. Cerego Basic is designed for individual learning, so when you log in as a Basic user you will see two applications in the left-hand down-down: Learn and Create. These tools are green and located below your name on the left.

Click the Learn app to start learning. Toggle to Create to build custom content to review. It’s that simple.

Cerego Pro and Cerego Plus users have access to these tools and more.

Course Management for Cerego Plus

Designed for individual instructors and small groups, the Plus account provides instructors the ability to create up to 5 courses to share with an unlimited number of users. The Create tool is where Plus users go to add content for themselves and learners. To edit or add to your content library, select the Create tab from the drop-down.

Cerego Plus users also see a third app called Courses. Courses, formerly known as “Groups”, offers control of class rosters, assignments, and learner progress through an analytics dashboard and custom reports.


Navigating Cerego Pro

If you have a Cerego Pro account, you’ll likely spend most of your time using the Admin, Courses or Create Pro tools. However, you still have quick access to your personal Cerego applications.

For course instructors, administrators, and staff, the “Groups” feature has been renamed “Courses”. This change was made to more accurately reflect the variety of tools and features within this section of Cerego. Courses will be your start page if you are an instructor, but you may have access to this section even if that isn’t your primary role.

Content Creators can create content under the Pro account by using the blue Create app under your organization’s name.

Creating content for your organization:


As a pro account holder, you can also create content for yourself using Cerego. To do this select the Create app located under your name and you’re on your way. Just don’t forget to go back your pro tools when you’re ready to create content on behalf of your organization. Both tools allow you to add new content or remix existing content—removing or adding items to make sure the set contains the information—but they save content to different locations.

Creating content for yourself:


Learning on Cerego

When you’re ready to hone your knowledge in a personal area of interest, like basic sailing or French, simply toggle to the green Learn app and browse public content. Want to take your organization’s content for a test run? The Learn app lets you do that, too.

The new navigation should make it easier to determine which application you’re in so you can learn, create, or manage group progress.

Ready to see the update for yourself? Sign into Cerego now.