Introducing Cerego Plus, a new way for instructors to use Cerego. Over the past few months, we’ve gotten lots of great feedback and some specific requests from the community of instructors already using Cerego in the classroom, and we’re delighted to make a number of these a reality.

Cerego Plus takes the core Cerego experience (helping students build foundational knowledge more efficiently) but improves it for instructors in a few important ways:

Invite and organize students into groups

Whether you’re teaching classes in a school or training new employees in your workplace, you can now create groups to organize the Cerego experience. You can seamlessly invite students to a group whether or not they have a Cerego account already. You can set assignments for everyone in a group simply and instantly.

Protect who has access to content

Cerego has lots of great public content, but we understand that some material has to be restricted to your students, and not made available to the broader public. With Cerego Plus you can choose to share your content as “Group Only".

Choose when assignments become available

We understand you need to introduce assignments over time, and with Cerego Plus we give the ability to stagger the introduction of assignments over the course of a semester, a year, or any other timeline you need. The result is that students get introduced to the right content at just the right time, and Cerego makes sure to remind them to review on their personalized schedule.

Set goals and gain insight into your students’ progress

Cerego is the best way to quantify what you know - and what students know. With Cerego Plus, you can set memory permanence goals for each assignment. This gives students something to work towards, and gives you a simple way to use Cerego for a grade in the classroom, or simply to make sure everyone is progressing efficiently. More importantly, Cerego Plus users get access to new reports and memory bank visualizations to view and manage their groups and assignments.

Cerego Plus users can create up to 5 simultaneous groups with unlimited students and unlimited assignments, all for $10 per month. Cerego Plus is available today, and we hope you enjoy it!