Use Our Suite of APIs to Interface Directly with the Cerego Memory Engine and Enhance Your Learning Platform.

The Cerego API Suite enables enterprise and partner developers to utilize the power of Cerego’s algorithms and AI to improve learning retention, recommend and cultivate experts, and identify optimal learning times. Regardless of whether you are incorporating Cerego's technology with your intranet or LMS, you can ensure that scheduled learning becomes personalized to improve retention and maximize student success. 

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API Use Case: How Do You Optimize Learning?

One of the biggest contributors to retaining what you are learning is optimizing when learners take courses, on a per-learner basis. Knowing when someone learns best, based on previous e-learning success data, can help improve their retention of the information. Developers connecting to Cerego's APIs can integrate learner interactions with content to identify optimal times of day to re-engage with content to make it stick. This can be accomplished with a single API call that returns an array of lesson IDs which can then be resolved against lesson names.

 Request Parameters
  • user_id: The Cerego ID of the user
  • set_id: Optional set id of the set you'd like to pick items from. If left blank, then it'll choose from all items in all sets that the user has studied
curl '' -H 'Authorization: Bearer <API_KEY>'
An object with an array containing the item GUIDs that a user should study in the optimal order. Something like:
{... "items": ["xec0d7e2-a986-487d-9682-9ba6bbcb4cea", "4ec0d7e2-a986-487d-9282-9ba6bb549dpo", "oec0d7e2-a986-487d-9282-o776bb54933r"] ...}

For Developers with Enterprise-Level Needs

Many organizations have employee portals with links and details on e-learning. With the Cerego APIs, enterprise developers can pull in data from the Cerego learning platform (that they use to develop courses) for display within the portal, sending via email, etc. Enterprise developers can include testing results, suggested courses, and even some of the more advanced features like learning optimization (when a student should take a lesson or quiz).

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List Courses and Lessons

Many enterprises already employ a CMS to manage their intranet while employing Cerego as an LMS. But enterprise developers may be tasked with integration and the Cerego API makes that easy. With the Get Courses API, these developers can incorporate courses created in Cerego directly into their CMS so that users can enroll or continue a current course. 

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Manage Users in Courses

With courses pulled into the CMS through the Get Courses API, enterprise developers can now enable users to enroll or drop out of courses through the Add User or Remove User API. This ensures that users can employ their usual channels, such as a company intranet, to manage their e-learning tasks and objectives.

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Report On User Progress

Using the Cerego APIs, enterprise developers can not only integrate available courses and manage enrollment, but they can also track and report progress by individual users. Developers can show progress against each course (such as next to each lesson) as well as overall progress. Progress can be captured through the Meta data attached to a User (via the Get User API) or from the Meta data of the course (via the Get Courses API)

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For Developers of Our Current Partners

Current Cerego partners can utilize the Cerego APIs to enhance their use of with the powerful Cerego learning platform AI engine. These APIs help those partner developers incorporate advanced functionality into their platforms such as identifying and cultivating possible experts, personalizing the learning experience, and optimizing for maximum memory retention.

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Optimize Learning

Cerego's APIs provide LMS partners the opportunity to optimize the learning environment for each user. Through the Cerego algorithms and AI, LMS developers can equip learners to better understand their own learning habits and understand how well each user knows studied content. The Cerego AI learning engine can even predict how likely a learner is to answer a question correctly. To maximize the impact of those algorithms and AI, the Learner Enablement API allows partner developers to identify the best time of day for their users to study (by user). This API works in conjunction with the Maximizing Retention APIs.

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Maximize Content Retention

One of the many powerful Cerego features is improving student retention of learning material. Through the Cerego Maximize Retention APIs, partners can enhance their own e-learning platforms with Cerego’s technology to tailor and improve the learning experience for each student for maximum retention. Through this collection of APIs, you will now be able save a student’s study results and send them to our engine for analysis. Recommendations can be returned by which to improve student knowledge retention.

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Import Assignments, Courses, and More

For LMS partners who may want to use the Cerego platform to generate course material automatically and import the courses into their system, the Import suite of APIs allows developers to import everything from elements of a course (like a quiz question), sets of elements (such as an entire quiz), and assignments so they can be added to their existing user records in the LMS. Through these APIs, developers can also create users within Cerego to align with their own e-learning platform for synchronization of retention and optimization data.

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API Details

Our API follows the JSON API standard. Please take note how objects within a certain resource are in the included section. All endpoints will start with the following URL and follow standard RESTful practices and should be made over SSL and it is recommended to use JSON to format your requests.

API Enhancements

Throughout the year, we update our APIs with enhanced or improved functionality. These enhancements are based on user requests for additional features. Click on the button below to review the latest enhancements.

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Support and Debugging

The Cerego API suite has robust error logging and reporting to ensure your programmatic interface to the platform is resilient, reliable, and dependable. And if you are having trouble, our knowledgeable engineers can help you troubleshoot issues and resolve errors.

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